Abstract: Integrating Technology into the Trench

The Virtual Environments for Research in Archaeology Project at Roman Silchester

Increasingly more work is being done to integrate information technology into archaeological systems. In this paper we will explore how change management may be applied when implementing a digital recording system for an archaeological dig, focussing on the work done at Roman Silchester as part of the Virtual Environments for Research in Archaeology project (http://vera.rdg.ac.uk/).  How can such virtual environments change how scholars and the general public can engage with archaeological evidence – and what can we do to ensure their successful design, uptake, and implementation?

This paper will reflect on the work that was carried out in Roman Silchester between 2007 and 2010, to integrate digital technology into the trench to increase the speed in which finds could be entered into the project database, and shared between interested parties. The aims, successes, and issues raised in the project will be presented, as well as the implications this type of technology can have for the archaeological process.

Melissa Terras
UCL Centre for Digital Humanities


One thought on “Abstract: Integrating Technology into the Trench

  1. […] it to the second day of the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference.  Very interesting talk about integrating technology into field […]

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