Abstract: Let’s Get Digital, Digital!

Adopt-a-Monument and Digital Engagement

Adopt-a-Monument is a five year scheme which encourages communities to take a lead role in conserving and promoting their local heritage. We help with a variety of tasks and activities, which includes project planning and fundraising, site survey and recording, as well as guidance on interpretation and dissemination of results. As part of the new phase of Adopt-a-Monument (2011-2016), we have been keen to promote the use of new digital technologies, such as onsite digital interpretation and utilisation of existing online resources, as well as provide training opportunities in digital recording practices. We see digital engagement not only as a useful way for participants to develop key transferable skills, but also as a great way to engage with new audiences. This paper aims to present examples of our projects which utilise digital technology, and discuss the successes and pitfalls of our digital engagement so far.

Cara Jones
Adopt-a-Monument Project Officer
Archaeology Scotland


One thought on “Abstract: Let’s Get Digital, Digital!

  1. […] Cara, from Archaeology Scotland, presents some great work they are going at Adopt-a-Monument, at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference: […]

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