This ACRN/CASPAR conference in November represents an important step in the activity that the UCL Archaeology and Communication Research Network (ACRN) and the UCL Centre for Audio-Visual Study and Practice in Archaeology (CASPAR) have undertaken in the last two years, through the organisation of a series of initiatives:

1) Workshop “Archaeologists and the Digital: Towards Strategies of Engagement”, held on 16 May 2011 at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. This workshop was a preparatory encounter between archaeologists and media professionals, to better focus the state of the art on audiences for archaeology and existing public engagement strategies

2) Peer-reviewed workshop proceedings from the above event published by Archetype Publications : Archaeology and Digital Communication. Towards Strategies of Public Engagement

3) ‘Dr Web-Love, or How I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Social Media‘, a CASPAR session at the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference on the use of social media in Public Archaeology in December 2011

4) Workshop “Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online” held on 22 May 2012, UCL Institute of Archaeology


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